About us

About us:

ekattorsangbad.com is a popular Bangla news portal. It started with a commitment to fearless, investigative, informative, and independent journalism. This online portal has started providing real-time news updates with the maximum use of modern technology from Nov 3, 2021. , Health, sports, columns, and features are included. A genius team of Bogracity has been formed with a team of enterprising young journalists of the country. We are trying to build a bridge with Bengalis around the world and add new dimensions to online news portals. Home of materialistic news.

In addition to creating self-contained news on this site, we also collect news from various news sites and publish it with relevant sources. Therefore, if there is any objection or complaint about the news, it is requested to contact the authorities of the concerned news site. It is illegal to use news, photo, audio, and video of this site without permission.


Thank you on behalf of EkattoSangbad.com